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The quickest and most cost effective way to save your Restaurant, Laundry facility and Hospital money is here!

Meet the all new and improved Medi-Scan / Contri-Scan with the ability to save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in less than a minute.

Hospital and Medical Centers

Prisons, Jails, and Detention Centers

Plastic recycling  plants

Inexpensive way to scan laundry

Detect smuggled metal contraband in laundry, trash bags and parcels

Easy to operate and maintain.

Microprocessor controlled with unique full surround detection sensor.

All Metal and stainless steel / ferrous discrimination programs.

adjustable sensitivity control.



     Height: 34.5 inches (87.6 cm)

     Diameter: 30.5″ inches (77.5 cm)


     Total Unit: 50 lbs (227 kg)

Power Requirements:

     110 / 220 VAC

Detects smuggled metal contraband in laundry, trash bags and parcels

Detects unforeseen and accidental disposal of medical instruments during surgery

Detects accidental disposal of expensive silverware 

Can discriminate between small needles and copper wires making it possible to detect the larger more expensive items

#1 Trusted by Organizations


This device paid for itself in within weeks. Kind of a no brainer purchase if you are looking to save money that is literally being thrown away.
Greg Arnault
Strategic Sourcing Director
Long gone are the days of accidently throwing away costly equipment. A huge thank you to Ranger and their amazing customer support.
Emily Wo
Dealer Principle
Best product and support available. Will be back!
Jen Gomez
Procurement Manager

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At Ranger Security our commitment is to honor the trust that our valued customers have placed in us to provide accurate, reliable, and durable detection products. We fully understand that our products are used everyday to protect lives all around the world. We hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure that where a Ranger Detector is used for security enhancement you can count on having the highest quality, most reliable security detector in the industry. All Ranger Detectors are backed by our 2 Year Warranty and our excellent Customer Service and technical Support Program.