Hand Held Body Scanners


Designed for weapon’s screening and loss prevention.  Our fully adjustable sensitivity control permits optimal performance for both weapon’s screening and loss prevention applications. Automatic tuning insures equal result on a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. A de-sense button and a tightly controlled detection pattern allow for efficient screening near floors and re-bar, limiting interference and false alarms. 

  • Vibrate & Silent Alarm 
  • Operates on Disposable or Rechargeable Batteries
  • Sensitive, Rugged and Dependable
  • Lightweight, Comfortable Grip
  • Fully Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Large Scanning Area
  • Audio Beep and LED Visual Alarms

Prisons, Jails and Detention Centers

Customs and Border Patrol Facilities

Precious Metal Mines and Refineries

Coin Counting Facilities

Protect against violent crime and lawsuit liabilities 


Sanitary Body Cavity Searches

Lost Prevention Applications 

Jewelry and Watch Manufacturing

Computer Component Manufacturing



Weight 14 oz / 397g


     Height: 15 3/4″ Inches

     Width: 3″ Inches

     Depth: 1 3/8″ Inches

Power Requirements:

     9 Volt Alkaline Battery

Typical Disposable battery life is 80 hours

Instantaneous detections of all conductive metals

Safe non-intrusive, non- contact search method

9 Volt Battery and Charger Kit


#1 Trusted by Organizations


When I order any device from Ranger, I know I'm getting a well made product that will last a long time.
Mark Levine
Chief of Security
Wow! Unreal support team! They made sure everything went smoothly and helped us meet our tight deadline and budget.
Robbert Dun
Dealer Principle
As far as metal detection goes, Ranger is the name of the game. I have been using their products for years and don't plan on changing.
Jeff Chidiac
Security Systems Administrator

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Commitment To Our Customers

At Ranger Security our commitment is to honor the trust that our valued customers have placed in us to provide accurate, reliable, and durable detection products. We fully understand that our products are used everyday to protect lives all around the world. We hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure that where a Ranger Detector is used for security enhancement you can count on having the highest quality, most reliable security detector in the industry. All Ranger Detectors are backed by our 2 Year Warranty and our excellent Customer Service and technical Support Program.