Manufacturer of the B.O.S.S.

Body Orifice Security Scanner


The B.O.S.S II and BOSS III are a reliable, simple to use scanning system designed to detect small weapons or contraband metal objects concealed in abdominal cavity, rectal / vaginal cavities, nasal/oral cavities & the shin area. Powered by high precision non-contact measurement sensors housed in rugged Baltic Birch wood that is coated with RF resistant paint for improved EMI rejection capabilities; this device can scan ferrous metals as well as most other forms of them including aluminum alloy, brass plated steel devices (elevators), stainless steel alloys containing nickel such as 18k gold jewelry & platinum products and titanium materials which cannot be detected using magnetic detection systems like MRI scanners!

Prisons, Jails and Detention Centers

Customs and Border Patrol Facilities

Precious Metal Mines and Refineries

Coin Counting Facilities

Protect against violent crime and lawsuit liabilities 


Sanitary Body Cavity Searches

Lost Prevention Applications 

Jewelry and Watch Manufacturing

Computer Component Manufacturing


Easy to Operate and Maintain

Wheel Kit for easy mobility 

From 1 to 99% sensitivity 

Harmless to Pregnant women

(Optional) Back up Battery Kit


Five Zone Full Body Scan System

  1. Oral / Nasal Cavity Scanner
  2. Abdomen Cavity Scanner
  3. Anal / Vaginal Cavity Scanner
  4. Lower Leg Area Scanner

Instantaneous detections of all conductive metals

More consistent than security walk-thru or handheld metal detectors 

Safe non-intrusive, non- contact search method

B.O.S.S II 5s can also be be used in loss prevention applications. it detects items such as gold shot, rings, watches and microelectronic components. Measurements of metal mass allow accurate comparative testing as people enter and exit a secure production area. More to follow, please come back and visit us soon.

Height: 50″ (127 cm)

Length: 51″ (129 cm) 

Width: 22 inches (55.8 cm)

Weight: 210 lbs (95.45 kg)


Power Requirements: 115

– 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz


#1 Trusted by Organizations


These are very well built. It can easily be transported when needed.
Adam Wallace
General Contractor - Operations Manager
These things really work! Worth every penny spent.
Jacqueline Smith
Corrections Officer
Fair prices and great customer service. There's really not much else to say. Will be back.
Mike Rivera
Municipality Procurement Manager

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